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Tactical Obedience

This take on civilian canine tactical obedience classes offer a unique and valuable training experience for dog owners. In these classes, dogs learn to respond to precise commands for sitting, standing, lying down, staying in specific positions and how to fluently move from one to the other. These foundational skills are essential for maintaining order and safety in various situations, from everyday life to advanced training scenarios. Whether you're a pet owner seeking a well-behaved companion or a working dog handler preparing for more specialized tasks, mastering positional commands lays a solid foundation for a harmonious and obedient partnership with your canine friend.

Price: $ 299           

Duration: 1 hr / 6 wks

Wait list for next class 

Open Tactical Obedience

Excel at a new obedience form and come out winning



All ages


Intermediate Tactical Obedience

Discover the power of precision with the advancement of skills


Open Tactical Obedience 

Over 12 months old


Advanced + Strength Building

Challenge the canine handler bond with setting new limits 



Tactical Obedience

Over 18 months old


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