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Lure Course

Swift Paws Canine Lure Course



Creating memorable moments with your dog can start with a good run. Begin the journey by registering your canine

companion for the ultimate lure coursing experience. Our user-friendly online platform ensures a seamless sign-up process, allowing you to secure a spot for your pup in this adrenaline-packed event.


The Run

The moment we've all been waiting for! Watch in awe as your dog takes off on the lure course, chasing a mechanical "lure" with unmatched enthusiasm. Our professionally designed course provides a safe and thrilling environment for your pet to showcase their speed, agility, and natural instincts. Cheer them on as they navigate twists, turns, and straightaways in a display of pure canine athleticism.


Warm Up

Once registered, it's time to prepare your dog for the exhilarating run ahead. Dogs should not eat within an hour before their scheduled run time. Once arrived, our experienced trainers will guide your furry friend through a few simple dynamic exercises to ensure they are primed and ready for the upcoming adventure.


Cool Down

After the adrenaline rush of the run, it's time for a well-deserved cool down. Our designated cool-down area offers a trainer led, structured, relaxation time to bring your dog's adrenaline down and be able to have a calm mind. Our team will guide them through gentle stretches and provide post-run care to ensure their comfort and well-being.


Our lure course is an exciting and engaging activity designed for dogs. It simulates the experience of hunting or chasing prey in a controlled and safe environment. The event takes place in a designated area, either in a field or our facility, and involves a motorized lure that moves and zips and zags along a set path, enticing the dogs to chase and follow it.

High Speeds

Up to 58 km/h

Multi Type Set Up

Indoor or Outdoor


Rent For Private Use

Major Exercise

Unleashed Sprints


Rising & Settling

Course Types

To best include all dogs in the excitement of using a lure course, we offer 3 different ways for you and your dog to take part in the activities. Below you will see an option and description for facility event runs, private in-facility runs, and even the option to have the course come to you as a private rental!

If you have any questions please click here and we will get back to you at the soonest time possible. 

Working Wolf Dogs Training brings weekly course run time to the Dog Rink for the winter for all to enjoy. 

Each dog is provided with a 15 minute course slot, this inc a cool down and settle period guided by a trainer.

Only one dog will run the course at a time but there will be other dogs in the building. If your dog requires more privacy we can discuss specific set up alterations or we suggest booking the course privately. 

Facility Event Runs


If you have a reactive dog or anxious dog or would just prefer to be able to use the equipment privately, then you can turn it into a private session. 

We offer 30 min or 60 min private lure course sessions in the facility. The majority of dogs will only need the 30 minute session to be able to tire themselves out, cool down and work training skills and behaviours during the entire process. 

Note that no dog will run for the length of the session and will be given necessary guided breaks. 

Private Course Runs


There is the option to bring the course to you. Note that a trainer would accompany the equipment to operate it and guide the dog(s). 

An unlimited number of dogs can be run for either 30 or 60 minutes altogether. Set up and tear down time is not included in those times. 

The environment the course can be on is relatively flat grass that has been recently cut with no objects in its path. Maximum closed circuit length is 750 ft, no minimum space requirement needed.  

Private Course Rental 


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