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Private Lessons:

Where do private lessons take place? Private lessons can be in many places like your home or outdoors (soon offering in facility training - building currently under construction). A lesson’s settings tend to be dictated based off of what the training is for, eg. barking at the doorbell compared to learning to walk on leash beside you.

Can more than one dog be in a private lesson? A private lesson is an hour long session completely dedicated to you and your needs. It is up to you if you would like to share the time between more than one dog.

Can my kids take part in the training/lesson? Everyone from the family is welcomed and encouraged to take part in the training experience with your dog. Having everyone on the same page with training can positively change the speed of learning.

Is there a virtual training option? Yes, virtual training can be arranged if that is what you are needing. Reach out to discuss further options moving forward from either the contact page or through booking from the services page.

Group Classes:

What do I bring to class? Besides yourself and your dog the only other requirement is a 6 ft leash. For safety purposes we ask for no retractable leashes. We have plenty to borrow if you are in need of one. You should also bring treats for your dog to reward and encourage them as we train. If your dog has food allergies just inform the trainer so they do not give a treat they can’t tolerate.

My dog is sick, can they still come to class? We politely ask that you do not bring your sick pet into the facility or any group setting until it is resolved. Please contact us, preferably by phone or email, to inform us of your absence. You will receive a compressed makeup summary to prepare yourselves for the next week.

What vaccines does my dog need? All dogs participating in group events are required to have Rabies vaccination (per province mandate). Puppies should have at least their second round of the Distemper vaccine (DA2PP, DAPP, and other abbreviations), adults just need to be up to date. Proof of vaccination will be asked for and kept on record. Bordatella vaccine is not mandatory but is highly recommended.

Who can come to class with me? All family members are encouraged to take part in their dog’s training. The facility can accommodate up to 3 people in the ring per dog. There is room for other spectators to watch in from the outside of the ring or be upstairs in the viewing/social area.


What is Fear Free Pets or FFCP? FFCP stands for Fear Free Certified Professional. Fear Free Pets is an organization dedicated to not only look after a pet’s physical wellbeing but their emotional wellbeing as well. There are sections for veterinarians, animal professionals (trainers), pet sitters and even owners. Certified members achieve different levels with completion of specific requirements and maintaining their education and practice of Fear Free methods. Chantelle is at the highest level achievable and is an elite member of the organization.

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered? Any dog in a group event (classes, play groups, exposure groups) that is over the age of 7 months needs to be spayed/neutered before joining us. If you have any questions in regards to this guideline then please reach out and we can discuss it further.

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