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Body Conditioning & Strength Building

Canine body conditioning and strength building classes offer a unique approach to canine fitness and well-being. These classes focus on exercises and techniques to enhance a dog's body awareness, physical strength, flexibility, and endurance. Tailored for all breeds and ages, they promote optimal muscle development and overall health. With the use of engaging and interactive equipment, these classes not only help prevent injuries and promote longevity but also foster a stronger bond between owners and their furry companions. Whether you're an athlete looking to boost your dog's performance or a pet owner aiming for a healthier, more active lifestyle, these classes are a fun and effective way to keep your pup in peak condition.

Price: $ 299           

Duration: 1 hr / 6 wks

Thursday @ 7:00 pm - starting July 18th 2024

         - Spots available**

Open Strength & Conditioning

Teach your dog to understand

and work their bodies



All ages


Intermediate Strength Building

Build an athlete who can not only perform but recover properly


Open Strength

& Conditioning

Over 12 months old


Advanced + Strength Building

Accept the challenge and see

exactly what your dog is made of



Strength Building

Over 18 months old


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