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Pitbull Mix

Canine College


lvl 1 obedience

Our job as responsible dog owners is to continue to challenge, learn and grow with our dogs. Following the first level of training, you and your dog will be ready for greater challenges. Generalization or good behaviours, discrimination training to help understand a time and place for certain behaviours, and strengthening against distractions is the next level in your journey together. 

Course Curriculum Summary:

- heeling

- blind stay

- stay with


- down stay with

   greater duration 

- come when called from distraction

- interaction rules for outdoor greetings

- on your bed at greater distance and

   with discrimination training

- leave it while walking with a larger

   number of targets and greater draw

Price: $ 299           

Duration: 1hr / 6 wks

Thursday @ 6:00 pm - starting May 30th 2024

         - Spots available**

Thursday @ 6:00 pm - starting July 18th 2024

         - Spots available**

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